Polished Plaster Trends in 2021 You Should Know

When it comes to home inside trends for 2021, there’s one thing that is standing out as a driving force, which has to be developing a sanctuary of tranquillity. After such a challenging year, and with individuals now valuing their homes and personal space so much more, it truly is not any wonder that many trends are signaling a move to natural styles that calm the mood and soothe the mind. In this post, we’re looking at just how different takes on polished plaster walls are set to fit beautifully with the trends of this forthcoming year. 

The natural look

When it’s a body of water, a woodland, or a sand beach that inspires your interior, natural hues are being charged as a top tendency for 2021, thanks largely for their curative properties.

Travertine polished plaster such as provides a finish that mimics natural stone. The artisan application procedure creates a multi-tonal look, giving it texture and direction, just like real travertine. Shape it into blockwork or panels to form a stunning polished plaster attribute wall, or use it to create direction in a hallway or passageway.

The sumptuous Appearance

According to a statement in Ideal Home, ‘opulent grandeur will continue where it left off in 2020’. And why don’t you? And what better way to do so than with Venetian polished plaster, with a dash of sparkle thrown?

When we say ‘thrown in’, that’s of course supposed in the loosest form of the term. There is not anything about implementing polished plaster that involves anything but the most meticulous process. Especially when it comes to metallic remedies.

If your inside was designed deliberately minimalist, think about whether it is time to liven things up a little. Why don’t you think about creating a polished plaster attribute wall in order to add effect to an otherwise blank canvas?

The curvaceous look

Trends for 2021 dictate which curved and fluted shapes will contain highly. Curvaceous furniture is currently taking over in the angular lines of conventional pieces, according to Sofology, where flowing lines and scalloped edges are getting to be more and more popular as furniture design attributes.

For insides adorned with period features, like sweeping stairways, grand columns, and elegant cornicing, the fantastic news is that Venetian polished plaster makes the ideal finish. Of course, it calls for the top polished plaster pros to use the item so the finish is totally perfect, and the procedure being so involved is going to command a thing of an investment, but when you stand back and admire the result, you’ll instantly know that it has all been worth it.

Spatulato is the perfect choice for this sort of application. Intelligently placed lighting will enhance the light-reflective properties of the plaster, highlighting the gradual movement between its color values. There are literally dozens of possibilities when it comes to the choice of shade too, which means that you may attain a seamless match with your current scheme, or select a brand new one, perhaps even mixing an assortment of shades to create something truly unique.

The tile replacement

These days, everyone is on the lookout for low-maintenance. And it’s no wonder since there are many other things we should be focusing on our precious time on.

Tiles have been used for centuries. In reality, the history of ceramic tiles dates back to the oldest civilizations. But tiles aren’t exactly low maintenance. Grout has a habit of becoming discolored, and mold growth is commonplace. Grout also breaks up a smooth end.

Polished plaster walls, nevertheless, require no grout in any way. So no broken lines. Venetian polished plaster is seen as a life end, which means you get to attain your low-maintenance ambition.

Polished plaster is the perfect finish for rooms that could otherwise be tiled. Because it is lime-based, it is less prone to cracking and shrinking, even in damp conditions. In fact, if it becomes wet, it can immediately let any water that is consumed evaporate, because it’s totally breathable. For this same reason, polished plaster walls can regulate humidity and prevent the development of mold or fungus within the wall. They may also bear rising moisture. Of course, Venetian plaster is set to replace tiles in 2021! Check out the venetian polished plaster Wimbledon to learn more.

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If you would like to make certain your interior is bang on trend for 2021, and genuinely unique, Venetian polished plaster might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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