What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that we have been battling for millennia. It has been recorded in Egyptian papyrus medical records. We have been plagued by this terrible disease in a multitude of ways. This disease can happen to anyone and can start from literally anywhere in the body. People are aware of this disease as someone they may know has suffered from it. This disease is highly sensitive as this can be triggered by almost anything we can imagine. This can be from our diet, lifestyle, viruses, or even the sun. This disease may make some feel defenseless and may be depressed, but there are treatments that may be able to manage this terrible disease.

Kinds of Cancer

Cancer can start from anywhere in the body. It is the process where some cells in the body grow and spread uncontrollably. The source of this can be considered the type of cancer. If the cancer cells originated from the bladder, it could be regarded as bladder cancer where the Organoid bladder cancer research could help; if it starts where the blood forms, it can be called leukemia, and if it begins on the skin, this will be skin cancer. Since this disease can start anywhere and has many variants, we may be susceptible to them. The statistics would show that one in two women and one in three men may develop this disease within their lifetime.

Cancer Research

We are not totally at a loss to this disease. We have multiple organizations, companies, scientists, doctors, and medical personnel working to cure, prevent, and manage it if diagnosed with cancer. There is a lot of money and governments involved in combating this disease, as well as research. Since the invention of the x-ray and its usage in treating cancer was discovered, there was an increase of interest and activity to research any other treatment for this disease other than radiation. We have improved quite a lot from just a singular means of treatment, and specifically, research for bowel cancer has made significant improvements since then. We are now trying different medicines and even researching natural or herbal ways in treating cancer. 

University Involvement

Aside from big companies providing financial or in-house research on treating this disease, another trend we have now is the universities’ involvement. We now see younger researchers and professors looking and formulating ways to cure, prevent, or manage the disease. They have provided strides in our war with cancer, and this is where we get a lot of data, like brain cancer information. Much information and technology have been shared with other parties to improve the research and address some questions.

Government Assistance

The government also plays a significant role in the fight against this disease. Through healthcare programs, the government directly aids in its treatment and management. It also provides funding for cancer treatment and drug research and development.


Cancer is a terrible disease. This disease can be easily triggered and can develop from anywhere in our bodies. The variations of this disease can be a cause of anxiety and sleepless nights. There is some way that we can rest easy, considering this disease. We have highly talented people and big organizations doing everything medically possible to cure, treat, and prevent this disease. They have had developments and scientific breakthroughs that benefit and elevate the research. These studies for this disease only get improved day by day. There will come a time that a highly effective treatment will be discovered from all these shared investments and efforts.