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In-Demand Jobs in the Marijuana Business

There’s no doubt that the debate over the medicinal use of cannabis isn’t complete. In the wake of recent initiatives to legalize medicinal and recreational usage, the opportunities for employment in the cannabis industry have increased dramatically. The cannabis industry’s expansion is far ahead of that of technology. This soaring employment market is expected to grow by 220%, providing plenty of opportunities for job searchers.

There are now more opportunities for jobs in the cannabis industry than ever before, and countries have legalized recreational marijuana and medical cannabis. Employment in the cannabis industry may be the right choice for you.

Jobs in the Cannabis Business

Many companies offer employee perks, and there are always prospects for promotion. Even though wage ranges vary depending on experience and credentials, the entry-level positions typically pay much over the national average. Here are the top-demand jobs in the cannabis industry.

1. Extraction Director

A director of extraction manages the processing and refinement of active ingredients like CBD and THC. The extraction directors oversee the design and operation of the facility and labs and compliance and employee recruitment. They are accountable for ensuring that cannabis extracts are manufactured safely and consistently while meeting corporate production and cost goals. They typically have experience in the field of pharmaceutical formulation or plant genetics. The extracted materials can be used as juice for a vape pen. It is a new type of cannabis consumption with vapor and a liquid substance called juice.

2. Cultivation Director

A skilled director of cultivation is essential for any cannabis-related business. Cultivation directors should oversee employees and plants and clone, nutrition, and pest control. For good yields, many candidates for this job rely on their understanding of horticulture and botany. Candidates must have a solid knowledge of the health of the cannabis plant and potency and be capable of following established operating guidelines.

3. Director of Cannabis Compliance

A cannabis compliance officer ensures that the products of cannabis comply with applicable laws and regulations and safety and health requirements. Cannabis compliance managers are essential because every cannabis product must comply with state laws and regulations. Managers analyze and collect data from the beginning of production to sales and perform internal compliance checks. Managers must be able to create new policies and train whenever needed. You can search for dispensaries online that can cater to your interest in the business. And be part of the vast number of interested people all over the world.

4. Master for Edibles

For marijuana businesses that produce edible cannabis products, skilled chefs are essential. Chefs can create a variety of confections, including candies, chocolates, drinks, and baked goods. If you are looking for rewarding work, you should consider a career as a cannabis chef. Now, ordering edibles online is a booming business; the legalization of cannabis in different countries opened the door for this business opportunity. 

5. Chief of the Dispensary

The dispensary chief is responsible for managing all retail operations of cannabis-related businesses. They also manage the inventory of the dispensary and its day-to-day operations. They also are responsible for recruiting and training employees of dispensaries and ensuring that the dispensary complies with the state’s rules. To efficiently operate a retail marijuana store, the dispensary’s chiefs must be dedicated and competent leaders.

6. Trimming Expert

The experts in trimming are among the most common entry-level positions because they can prepare all gathered items properly. Trimmers trim the cannabis plant’s blooms and then groom each flower. They could also be accountable for the weighing of inventory and recording information. You have to be responsible and uphold a high sanitation standard to become a trimmer.