How to Look For the Best Whistleblower Lawyer

Attorneys who whistleblower in healthcare expose misconduct and bring it to the attention of authorities and courts. Lawyers who whistleblower expose criminal activity in the healthcare industry. They work tirelessly to bring false accusations to the attention of authorities and courts. Whistleblower lawyers use the False Claims Act to bring criminal charges against people who cheat the system. Individuals who commit fraud against the government can be sued under the FCA. The FCA allows individuals to sue the government for fraud. Legal counsel can expose and uncover illegal government actions.

Consider These Things When You Choose a Whistleblower Lawyer

Whistleblowers are responsible for protecting innocent people from being wrongly charged and determining the best interests of an innocent person. The lawyer will expose any violations of laws, rules, or regulations that could jeopardize the client’s financial security. When looking for the best whistleblower attorney or agency, consider the following factors. You can also learn more about securities enforcement here.


An experienced lawyer who has extensive knowledge and skills in handling whistleblower matters. Lawyers representing whistleblowers should be familiar with Qui Tam cases. There are many legal firms online. Avoid companies that do not have qui tam lawyers or fail to disclose that they have won civil cases. You should verify that the whistleblower lawyer has had the privilege of winning a qui-tam lawsuit.

Analytical Skills

An expert lawyer should have the ability to analyze and confirm the authenticity of the case. Many online law firms claim that they have specialists who can deal with FCA lawsuits. You need to ensure that the lawyer can handle any situation. The lawyer must be able to communicate effectively and have personal qualities to pursue the matter.

Guidance on Risk

A skilled whistleblower lawyer will provide education and guidance on legal issues for clients and protect them from false accusations. The lawyer will ensure transparency and assist in avoiding potential problems. Whistleblowing can be difficult and may threaten a lawyer’s livelihood, reputation, or relationships with their friends and family. Family strife could result from a lawyer who stands up to justice and truth.

Finch McCranie LLP’s whistleblower/qui tam program is strong. One of its attorneys is co-authors of Georgia’s Qui Tam whistleblowers claims. Two of its lawyers have held high-ranking leadership positions in the Department of Justice’s Civil Division. Their firm offers clients unrivaled expertise and experience in qui tam and other whistleblower-related matters.


To find the best Atlanta internal investigation lawyer, choose an attorney firm that is focused on your needs. It can be challenging to reveal confidential information against an employer, private corporation, or other entity. This could have serious consequences for your job. Whistleblowers are often subject to retribution.

No matter the circumstances of your case, our lawyers representing whistleblowers can help you get the maximum whistleblower award. The experts will help you evaluate your claim, gather and prepare evidence, push the government to make the highest award possible for whistleblowers, as well as protect your privacy.