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How to Clean and Disinfect Your Home Properly

According to the CDC, cleaning often touched surfaces and objects helps prevent the spread of respiratory diseases such as the coronavirus. The virus may live on surfaces for up to 72 hours, depending on the surface. Therefore, frequent cleaning and disinfecting those surfaces may decrease the chances of contracting the virus. Check out the vital coronavirus home cleaning hints below. 

Coronavirus House Cleaning Tips

General cleaning hints

  • Wear disposable gloves when cleaning and disinfecting your house.
  • Clean surfaces with water and soap.
  • Then, use an EPA-approved household soap. Using an alcohol solution with 70% alcohol is also acceptable.
  • To make sure the products work as intended, follow the instructions on the labels.
  • Often, disinfectant products advocate keeping the surface wet for a while and ensuring that you have proper ventilation during using the goods.

Soft surfaces

  • Clean soft items, like carpeted floor, rugs, and curtains, using water and soap or cleaners suitable to be used on these surfaces.
  • When possible, launder the things following the instructions manual. Wash items with warm water and dry them completely. Alternatively, disinfect with an EPA-registered household disinfectant.


  • For electronic equipment, like tablets, touch screens, keyboards, and remote controls, follow the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning and disinfecting. In general, it’s safe to use alcohol-based wipes or sprays containing at least 70% alcohol. Wait for the surfaces to dry thoroughly.
  • Consider placing a wipeable cover on electronics, if possible.


  • Wash clothing, towels, linens, and other items following the manufacturer’s directions.
  • For the best results against germs, use the warmest proper water atmosphere and dry things completely.
  • Wear disposable gloves if you’re going to be touching laundry from someone who is sick. But remember not to shake dirty laundry.
  • It is safe to wash dirty laundry from a person who is sick with other people’s items.

Coronavirus House Cleaning — When Somebody is Sick

Bedroom and bathroom

  • The person who’s sick should have a separate bedroom and toilet and ought to stay separated from others in the home as much as possible.
  • Wearing gloves and a mask or other face covering, clean the area around the person who’s sick only when required to help restrict your contact with the man who’s ill.
  • Also, wearing a mask, and if they’re able, the individual who is sick can wash their own area. Give them cleaning supplies, like tissues, paper towels, cleaners, and EPA-registered disinfectants.
  • Should you share a bathroom, the man or woman who’s ill should clean and disinfect after each use. If that’s impossible and the caretaker should perform the cleaning and disinfecting, they ought to wait as long as you can.


  • When eating, the person who’s sick should eat (or be fed) separately in their area if possible. Wear gloves when washing or handling utensils and dishes.


  • Possessing a separate lined trash can for the person who’s sick.

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