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Daily Care Tips to Maintain Your Hearing Aids

It is projected that about 48 million Americans have problems with hearing loss, and the most common way to hearing loss is hearing aids. However, hearing aids are an investment in your quality of life, and are, consequently, to be treated as such. Knowing how to care for them properly will not only make sure they work properly but may also prolong their life expectancy. <–more!–>

Do Listening Checks Occasionally

We recommend our patients receive a listening tube to do hearing checks properly. Be certain the audio you get is clear with no breaks. Listen for feedback inside the aids. If you start hearing feedback, speak with your audiologist. At Cornerstone Audiology, we’re here to be certain you’re utilizing your hearing aid the correct way so that it benefits you the most. We got our ears tested here, check out their hearing aids to find out more.

Clean Your Aids Frequently

Be sure to use a soft, dry cloth to clean them without getting them wet. Use a wax loop to wash debris out of the hearing aid openings. Don’t forget to be gentle as you can easily damage the hearing aid by shoving the wax loop too much better. You might use a mild soap to clean the ear molds, but make sure not to use a hair dryer to blow them dry. The force by a hairdryer is too strong because of its delicate structure of the ear molds. Use a forced air blower or allow them dry at room temperature instead.

Daily Care When You Are Not Using Your Hearing Aids

Turn off your hearing aids when you’re not using them. This will make the battery last longer. Prevent your hearing aids out of shock by altering the battery over a towel placed on a table or above a bed, just in case you accidentally discard them. When you go out, always carry a hearing aid case with you. Placing them in pockets or purses is not safe because they can easily get forgotten or damaged.

At nighttime, turn the hearing aid off, open the battery door and place it within the drying kit to allow air to flow through the device, drawing out any moisture. Maintaining your hearing aids dry is the best method to conserve their functionalities. Moisture is among the number one items which wreak havoc on a hearing aid.

Battery Care

Your hearing aids can not function without a battery, so make certain you’ve got loads of spare batteries with you to be safe. Batteries normally last between 1 to 2 weeks, depending on how much your usage is. The audio quality is going to be the best if the battery is complete. We recommend that you receive a battery tester to confirm the battery properly.

Make sure that you keep your spare as well as used batteries in a secure location. They contain toxic compounds that may be dangerous once consumed. Keep them out of reach of kids.

See Your Audiologist Frequently

We are here to make sure to get the very best treatment for the hearing loss illness. Thus, don’t hesitate to contact us to get your hearing checked regularly. We will supply hands-on recommendations on how to keep your hearing aids and fix any present problems for you. Find them here to know more.