Basic Dental Hygiene Prevents Larger, More Expensive Health Problems

Since we were kids, we have heard a lot about the importance of practicing”great dental hygiene”, but it’s often assumed that we know what this means. Unfortunately, we usually assume that we understand what the outcomes of such a regular practice will be. .but we are mistaken.

Most people go so far as to think about the condition of our teeth, however, and perhaps our personal look. Sometimes, we may also give some thought to the simple fact that if we took better care of our teeth, then we would have fewer visits to the dentist.

We know at some level we would not call for such extreme dental processes as fillings, extractions, and root canals. We realize, at least to a point, we would possibly feel and look better. .not to say experience significantly less pain. .were our dental hygiene habits somewhat better. We can also grasp the actual cost of after-the-fact dental procedures will be a lot greater than the cost associated with only keeping our teeth and gums healthy on an everyday basis.

However, many people never put the entire bundle together and realize that the whole impact that neglecting fundamental dental hygiene can have on us. Not only can our pockets and jaws be affected, but the period can also be taken from our daily actions either as we do our daily required dental hygiene, or as we see the dentist after to fix the conditions which developed because of our neglect. Even worse, we will likely experience unnecessary pain, ill-health, and perhaps premature death, or at least debilitating conditions, because of not performing the couple easy and relatively inexpensive steps which would care for the problem before it has a chance to happen.


Obviously, for the majority of us, poor dental hygiene leads to cavities (dental caries). Cavities are holes in the teeth that need to be filled by a dental practitioner. From a price point of view, filling a pit can cost anywhere from $100 on up. Some particular situations and alternatives can cost up to $1,000 or more. DeerValley Dental Care.

Some teeth are going to be in rather a poor shape but can be saved by means of a root canal. The cost of a root canal can be in the high hundreds, and possibly in the tens of thousands of dollars. Some teeth which can’t be saved will have to be removed. A ballpark price for tooth extraction is between $75 and $150, but special situations and complications may run that cost even higher, of course.

Not only is there the money cost of these dental processes to think about, but there will usually be pain related to the condition too. Many of these situations could be avoided by regular, basic dental hygiene steps, thus saving both money and discomfort. Occasionally these situations, or the process used to correct them, might impact the individual’s appearance, thus negatively impacting their own self-image and self-esteem. Additionally, if someone has been neglecting the maintenance of their teeth, gums, and mouth, then several teeth may be impacted, creating, more, cost concerning money, pain, and possibly lowered self-esteem.


For a while, dental healthcare providers have been aware that ailments and conditions of the teeth, mouth, and gums can contribute to another health issues. Recent studies haven’t only confirmed this knowledge but have broadened it too. Without going into detail here, suffice it to state that bad dental hygiene has been linked to a lot of diseases and painful conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even cancer. See: Dental Emergencies | Deer Valley Dental Care | SE, Calgary

A life filled with pain and disease and all the types of costs connected with that can be the end result of neglecting to take a couple simple, and relatively cheap, measures towards a healthy mouth and gums. Click here to know more.


Regular Brushing and Flossing – One of the initial steps someone can take on the path to appropriate dental hygiene is quite simply to brush their teeth at least twice a day and also to floss once a day. While it is suggested by some to brush in the morning and before bed, then it could be of significance to squeeze it in somewhere daily. Flossing removes the plaque which builds up throughout teeth. The plaque will eventually lead to tooth decay, and eliminating it regularly is a significant step in preventing cavities which will need to be filled or even teeth which will have to be extracted or be saved by a root canal.

Use a Toothpaste Containing Fluoride – Such toothpaste will help prevent the growth of plaque while strengthening the enamel of the tooth itself. Mouthwashes with fluoride and plaque-preventing ingredients may help also.

Avoid Sugar – This tip could be included in fantastic many articles. Not only does sugar help promote the growth of plaque, but in addition, it contributes to unnecessary weight gain. Since over 65% of the adult population of America is overweight, cutting the sugar in our diets could have a double whammy in favor of good health

Prevent Tobacco – While smoking and chewing may or may not have any direct effect on the teeth themselves, tobacco products can contribute to infections of the gums and mouth, such as oral cancer.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly – A dentist can spot a developing cavity or other condition before it turns into a large, costly issue. Bad things may be occurring in your mouth, or your child’s mouth, to which you could not be conscious of, but the dentist may differentiate and take steps to correct. Your dentist’s office may even generally offer a cleaning which will be far better than that which you can normally do in your home.

Even in the event that you skip all the other measures, visiting your dentist a couple of times per year just to get a checkup and cleaning could go a long way to keeping your teeth, gums, and mouth in a wholesome condition.


It’s assumed by most people that visiting the dentist is both painful and expensive. However, the price of a normal checkup is nothing when compared with the costs related to fillings, extractions, root canals, and related dental health care. Those who are lucky enough to have some sort of dental health care benefits, either through dental insurance or a prepaid dental medical care plan, may find that their benefits include routine checkups and cleanings that are either free or relatively cheap.


The price of poor dental hygiene may be good, but the price of dental hygiene is modest in comparison. On the other hand, the outcomes of proper dental care may be a return that’s much greater than the expenses involved. Look after your own teeth to get good health, good appearance, and a lifeless endangered by ill-health and pain.