A Quick Comparison of Wallpaper and Wall Murals

Trending now is wall coverings that make a bold statement. Adding depth and a little drama to living areas is a new type of luxury wallpaper. Design-wise, today’s wallpapers are better than ever and are fit to be in art galleries. Now that wallpaper’s popularity is back, more and more homeowners and interior designers are utilizing this versatile option.

Checking out online shops and catalogs, nevertheless, show that there are wallpaper and murals. So, what is the difference between them, and what can better fit your home? Let us look at and compare wallpaper and murals.

How They Are Different


Murals and wallpapers are both made to be resilient. Materials are used in constructing both, generally vinyl, vinyl-coated paper, etc. However, murals can be produced using photo paper, canvas, or polyester. In any case, these materials have been treated to be resistant to immediate wear and bacteria and are fire retardants.

Murals Come in Panels, and Wallpapers Come in Rolls

As said, murals are available in panels and are made to fit. An initial consultation with the supplier is needed so they can provide the mural with a specific size. This makes murals more environment-friendly because you will have little to no wastage. Wallpaper rolls are mass-produced and have the usual basic dimensions. Installing would mean that there will be cutting and matching of patterns with designs like wallpapers with pink cherry blossom wallpaper.

Murals Are Customizable

Not only will vendors give the specific size needed for a mural, but they can also actually print requests. Makers can digitally resize images or print personal high-resolution photos from the customer. The designers are flexible and can produce the image and image sizes that are just right for your space size. Click here to see what a designer wall mural looks like.

However, there is no need to stress if the wallpaper is preferred. These rolls are available in different gorgeous designs that can also satisfy your visual tastes.


Murals are typical “accent pieces” and are meant to go onto one side of the space only. Vinyl stickers and murals for walls are made to create a statement and are not likely to be on all four walls in a room. These beauties add a three-dimensional depth to any room and are used together with complimentary wallpaper. 

When it comes to the wallpaper, they can be used on all walls in a space. Aside from visual appeal, wallpaper can tie the overall style together. The small-scale images will not be as overpowering as murals and can serve other functions such as decorative projects for small items.


These wall coverings share the exact same function: they change your spaces into a masterpiece, display your interests and tastes, and modernize your spaces. You can select from an abundance of designs and types readily available online and in stores. Whatever you choose, you give your rooms something extra, and you can take pleasure in elegant visuals on a daily basis.